Now’s the time when you might be thinking, “I knew it they just want my money…” That is not the idea at all. One of our values at Granite is to Live Generously. That means we live like everything we have is a gift from God, because that is what we believe. On Sundays we don’t pass a plate, we refer to joy boxes where you can joyfully give if want to.  If you aren't planning on giving, that's fine, we'd still love to see you each Sunday.  

We want you to experience the joy of living generously. 


Tithe Challenge

We believe the spiritual act of giving is so powerful that we want you to consider the 90 Day Tithing Challenge. This is where you commit to become a percentage giver (that means you pick a % of your income that you give) for a period of 90 Days. If you believe God isn’t blessing you, in some way, it may not be financially,  because of your faithfulness to Him, we’ll give you your money back at the end of the 90 Days. 

We don’t need your money. God is our provider. He is caring for us and will continue to do so. We want something for you not from you. It is powerful to feel like money does not control us. It is powerful to increase our faith by trusting God with something that can overwhelm us.

90 Day Tithing Challenge →



Give Online

Use our safe online giving source. 

Text to Give

1. Text $___  Hawarden to 84321: Type the dollar amount you wish to give              followed by Hawarden (i.e. $100 Hawarden) to 84321.

2. Follow the link you receive and select the only option shown for you.

3. Follow the screen prompts to set up your account and complete your giving.